We <3 our partners!

Let’s get together to help as many people as possible, and give our support together. Do you have a blog, website or Facebook Group/Page? We’d love to have you on our partner program!

We offer different partner programs for the different platforms. All partners will be given access to our Partner Portal, and have the opportunity to borrow a chat room for special events.


If you have a blog we can help you promote your blog posts, through either a footer-notice, Partner-widget or from our own Blog. There’s two solutions for our Blog-site: 1) You can post your entire blog post in our blog, and have a direct link to your blog and put yourself as the author. 2) You will have a blog post, but the “Read More”-button will redirect the users to your blog post on your domain/blog. So the reader will see the title, summary and the rest will be read at your blog. You blog will also be listed in our Partner-list.

To join our Partner program for blogs, you simply post a short article about MHChat (which we can provide to you). You can also add a link to our website somewhere else, if you’d like.


If your website also contains a blog, you will have the same opportunities as the ones above. We will also add your website to our partner list. If there’s any features you want to promote, or special event, you can pick between a footer-notice or partner-widget. You can also write a post about it in our blog!

To join our Partner program for websites, you simply add a link to our website somewhere on your website. We can provide you with a button (.jpeg, .gif, .png etc) if you would like a button instead.

Facebook Pages

We have a few solutions for our Facebook Pages-partners. We can share your Facebook-statuses, add you as a recommended Facebook Page, promote your Facebook-posts on our website (you will need to submit the URL in our Partner Portal). Your Facebook Page will added as a recommended page from our Facebook page, and added to our Partner-list.

To join our Partner program for Facebook Pages, you simply post a status with the URL to our website, and a short introductions.

Facebook Groups

If you have a Facebook Group, we’d love to work with you. We will add your Facebook Group to our Partner-list, and you will be able to promote your Facebook Group through our Partner-widget and also our footer-notice.

One of our MHChat Staff will write a short post in your Facebook Group about MHChat, and a link to our website.

Other information

When you have promoted something on our website, you will be given a result report from us. This report includes how many people saw your promotion, how many clicked on your promotion, and basic meta-data (like geo-data).

Before we publish any promotions, one of our MHChat Staff will review the content you want promoted to ensure our users safety. If by any reason we have to deny the promotion, we will contact you and explain why, and give you suggestions to possible changes to the content.

MHChat has a large Suicide Hotline-resource page. We have collected suicide hotline-resources from over 40 countries, and we are updating it often to have the latest up-to-date information for each country. You can use this list as you want, to give your readers/members/followers an up-to-date suicide hotline-resource. We recommend using the URL to this page, so your will always have the updated list. No ads will be displayed on the Suicide Hotline List-page.

We do not allow promotion of self-harm, medications, suicide stories, sexual content, casino, etc.

Borrow a chat room from us

As a partner you can actually borrow a chat room from us! If you would like to have an event, discussion or live-chat with your readers/followers/members a chat room is a great solution to talk in real-real time. The special chat room is time limited, but you can ask for a new room as many times as you want.

Examples of use: Discussions, Q&A, real-time/live chat – the possibilities are endless.

Join our Partner Program!

Are you ready to join our Partner Program? That’s great! To join our Partner Program use the “Contact Us“-page to contact us. If you have any questions, use the “Contact Us”, and we will answer all the questions you might have.