#WorldKindnessDay – 5 Ways To Show Kindness

Today is #WorldKindnessDay! Doing good does you good, and so here’s our list of 5 kind acts.


1. Ask a friend how they are doing
Maybe you haven’t talked to a friend in a while, or just haven’t asked your friend how they are doing. That one question can change someone’s day!

2. Tell someone you love them
“I love you”. Three simple, but very powerful words. Telling someone you love them also benefit your own mental health.

3. Give someone a hug
Hugging someone has great effects on your mental health, and strengthens your friendship/relationship.

4. Help a friend out
Does a friend need some help? Give them a hand today. Take out the trash, wash their floors, walk their dog. Help them out for a while!


5. Share a meal
We are all eating, and sharing a meal can be both fun and cozy. Make your friend something you know they like, and put some love in it.


– Starlight
Community Manager

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