Depression: What We Want You To Know

We have talked to ten people who suffer from depression and we asked them “What do you wish people knew about having depression?” This is what they said.


That it is NOT a choice. That we are NOT lazy or antisocial. Brains function on chemicals and those that have an imbalance really wish there were a transfusion-type cure so we would feel better and fit in better and act normally in all situations. We don’t want to be dependant on medication just to get out of bed each day. And we DON’T want the physical scars from cutting or suicide attempts or relentless crying. Let them know that as terrible as it is to notice that someone has this issue and to pity them (or be stuck in a room with them), it is much worse to be out of control and AWARE of it. It’s like spiraling to your death a thousand times and not being able to wake up.
– Eileen

That it’s not a choice
– Ruth

Depression can be quiet and invisible. It does not have a voice. I may smile on the outside but be breaking on the inside. I may seem okay when really I am not. I wish they knew that although I stopped physically hurting myself years ago, it’s a fight every day to not hurt myself when life let’s me down.
Depression is not something you can see walking down the street…just because I can still function daily, does not mean I am not depressed!
Depression plays tricks on your brain- makes you think you’re all alone or that no one would miss you if you were gone…it’s the depression making you believe that, not the truth!
– Amy

Are you feeling suicidal? Click here to find our suicide hotline resources.

Robin Williams said it best…those that make you smile and laugh the most are the ones dying inside…,(this next part is my add on)…. trapped in a prison they have no idea why or how they were sentenced or when they will be set free
– Scott

I wish people knew I can’t turn it off and on. Some days just happen to be better than others. I can’t control it. I’m not choosing to be down. I also want people to know it’s an illness like any other illness and it’s ok to take medicine to feel better.
– Elena

I wish people knew that everything just hurts you more.
– Anonymous

I’d rather have a magic wand to use whenever I start feeling better. I’d like the secret to how to keep it under control.
– Laura

Many things can cause depression for me it is physical chronic pain, yet there are many types. some thing you can just come out of it, not true, it is a lifelong battle.
– Cathy

The facts
– Julie

I’d like people to understand that I know that sometimes I seem to be ok but if they only knew how much goes on in my brain in order to function the way they do with little thought.  It is literally like running a race with a tether holding you back.
–  Liz

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